Wednesday, May 21, 2014

'Clouds of Sils Maria' On Set Interview, BTS Videos, Clips and Stills



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BTS Videos


On Set Interview

"The movie shows things can look different if you're looking at them from different angles. It's also about what you need to feel inside of you to create something or to be artistic. And the price you have to pay for years and years of complete devotion and the sudden feeling, there's nothing left of yourself. Of course, that's kinda ridiculous, because she's still alive, but that's what Maria sees in Valentine. Even if she won't admit it. Valentine warms her up and gives her new perspectives on things." 

"She's a total icon and one of those figures that does not disappoint. Sometimes you meet people like that in real life and you're like... *Pretends to side-eye* They're not like you want them to be and it is also very silly. But Juliette, at the same time she was very strong, alive, smart, quick, but really, really, nice and giving. You know in the States, it's a little bit more complicated to have that level of... just being away from someone that is not Hollywood, I mean, she's the opposite of that. She's just very smart and it's nice to be around it because it makes you... I'm always on my toes. I wanna know what she's thinking. And she's funny too, she's a lot of fun."

New Movie Footage with Chloe Moret'z Interview

Juliette Binoche Interview

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