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Rob's Ice Bucket Challenge

#RobPattinson's not on social media, so he asked me to post his @ALSAssociation #IceBucketChallenge! It's hilarious!

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Kellan Attends EX3 Premiere in Malaga, Spain (August 5, 2014)

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Kellan's 'Expendables 3' London and Germany Press Interviews




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Kellan Attends EX3 London Premiere (August 4, 2014)

Rob Attends 'The Rover' Q&A and Screening at BFI Southbank

Kellan at EX3 London Photocall (August 4, 2014)

Interviews & Photos: 'The Rover' London Press Junket

Channel 4 News

Rob and Guy's Google Hangout Interview

NEW 'Camp X-Ray' Trailer

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Kellan on the cover of Men's Health Mexico

Rob on the cover of Esquire UK (September 2014 Issue)

'The Rover' US DVD/Blu Ray Cover + Release Date

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Lionsgate Home Entertainment has officially announced that it will release on Blu-ray director David Michôd's latest project The Rover (2014), starring Guy Pearce, Robert Pattinson, Scoot McNairy, David Field, Anthony Hayes, and Jamie Fallon. The release will be available for purchase on September 23rd.

Press Release: Fueled by engaging performances from Golden Globe® nominee Guy Pearce (Memento, L.A. Confidential) and what Variety calls "a career-redefining performance from Robert Pattinson" (The Twilight Saga franchise, Cosmopolis), The Rover arrives on Blu-ray™ Disc (plus Digital HD) and DVD (plus Digital) September 23 from Lionsgate Home Entertainment. The tension-filled film, which was released theatrically by A24, was an Official Selection of the 2014 Cannes Film Festival. The Rover, directed by visionary writer/director David Michôd (Animal Kingdom), also stars Scoot McNairy (TV's "Halt and Catch Fire," upcoming Gone Girl).

Set in a world 10 years into the general collapse of society, The Rover follows hardened loner Eric (Pearce) as he travels the desolate towns and roads of the outback. When a gang of thieves steals his car, they leave behind a wounded Rey (Pattinson). Forcing Rey to help track the gang, Eric will go to any lengths to take back the one thing that still matters to him.

The Rover Blu-ray Disc and DVD include a "making of" featurette and will be available for the suggested retail price of $24.99 and $19.98, respectively.

"Something Elemental: Making The Rover" featurette
*Subject to change.

Year of Production: 2014
Title Copyright: The Rover © 2013 Rover Film Holdings Pty Limited, Screen Australia, Screen NSW and the South Australian Film Corporation. All Rights Reserved. Artwork & Supplementary Materials © 2014 Lions Gate Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Type: Theatrical Release
Rating: R for language and some bloody violence
Genre: Crime; Drama
Blu-ray Closed-Captioning: English SDH
DVD Closed-Captioning: English
Subtitles: English and Spanish 
Feature Run Time: 102 minutes
Blu-ray Format: 1080P High Definition 16x9 Widescreen (2.40:1)
DVD Format: 16x9 Widescreen (2.40:1)
Blu-ray Audio: English5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio™
DVD Audio: English5.1 Dolby Digital Audio

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Rob's New Interview with The Vent

Filming The Rover in a remote part of south Australia with cast and crew all staying in a local pub was just about perfect, says Robert Pattinson. The filmmakers all mucked in together, braved filming in soaring temperatures, and at night bonded over a drink or two. Pattinson wouldn’t have had it any other way and says that it helped director David Michôd and his cast and crew build an unbreakable bond.

“It was amazing,” he says. “Because the whole crew was staying in the same place and there was nothing else to do, we were living in a pub. It’s annoying if you’re in an unfamiliar city and all the people you work with are from that city, they all go home, so you’re just stuck in your hotel.

“When you can hang out with a bunch of new people, you get close to them really quickly, especially when there’s literally nothing else to do. It’s really fun. I hadn’t done that for a long time. I had a fantastic experience making this film.”

Pattinson was born and raised in London and started his professional career as a 16 year old in the TV film Ring of the Nibelungs. A year later, he played Cedric DIggory in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. He starred in five, hugely successful Twilight films and his other film credits include Bel Ami and Cosmopolis.

Q: How’s it going?
“I always forget in the evening that I’ve got to do a bunch of interviews in the morning, so I stay out all night (laughs). It’s horrible!”

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Rob's Interview with Herald Scotland (Cannes)

We're up on the sixth floor of the Cannes Film Festival Palais, on a rather splendid little terrace overlooking the crystal-blue waters of the Cote d'Azur. And, guarding the room we're about to meet in, is this diminutive silver pachyderm - the sort of mildly tasteless bling you tend to see on the French Riviera. Pattinson is evidently tickled: it's not every day you see something quite so silly.

Then again, you suspect he's seen a lot of bizarre things in his time since exploding on to the scene as teen vampire Edward Cullen in the mega-hit Twilight franchise. That was six years ago, during which time he's got used to seeing gaggles of screaming girls wherever he goes. Heaven knows what they made of the recent black-and-white Dior Homme commercial he shot - a sizzling, sexy spot scored by Led Zeppelin's Whole Lotta Love. Maybe that's why he has that permanently dazed look.

Today, he's looking relatively unscathed by the fame that follows him like a familiar. It might be close to 6pm, but Pattinson has a brilliant means of affecting that just-got-out-of-bed look. Dressed in beige trousers, a green-and-navy lumberjack check shirt, black Adidas trainers and a black bomber jacket, it's a casual street feel that suggests more Urban Outfitters than Armani Couture. Factor in the stubble, sleepy green eyes and tousled hair and it's like he's splashed on eau de hipster.

With two new films to bang the drum for - The Rover and Maps To The Stars - it's Pattinson's second time in Cannes in two years, following his arrival as a limo-dwelling billionaire in David Cronenberg's Cosmopolis. That was a turning point, he says. "I'd never even been to a festival before. It makes you think differently about things. You realise what you like. Cannes means a lot to me. I'm basically aiming for everything to get into Cannes."

Snippet of Kellan's EX3 On-set Interview

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New/Old Pic of Kristen from Met Gala 2014

hairbyadir: #tbt to this beautiful friend before #metball2014. Miss this incredible girl so much! #kristenstewart @jilliandempsey #jilliandempseyjewlery #hairbyadir

Anton Corbijn Talks about 'Life' and Rob

Indiewire What about Robert Pattinson’s work in the movie?
Rob and Dan very different kind of actors. They’re very, very different kind of people in the film, so it was fantastic. They were so different naturally. For Rob to play a photographer is quite interesting because he’s being chased by photographers all the time. Rob is of course a film star, but he likes to be seen as an actor, so he works very hard to be an actor and be valued as an actor. And in the film he plays this photographer who wants to be seen as a great photographer. So I think there’s a parallel there that’s helpful.

He’s made a lot of interesting acting choices, “Cosmopolis”…
...Yeah, “The Rover.” I hear that “Map to the Stars” is a really great film. I am looking forward to seeing it.

I was hoping to see “Life” announced as part of the TIFF 2014 lineup. 
Yeah, I was hoping that too, but we are too far from finishing, because we finished [shooting] in late October.

Will we see it at on the fall festival circuit anywhere?
I reckon it will be 2015.

craveonline Life wasn’t part of the TIFF announcement this morning, is there potential for a 2014 release? 
No, that’ll be 2015. We haven’t locked picture yet. We still have two more months of sound and [potential] pick-up shoots.

In your background in photography, you’ve photographed numerous icons. Your first film, Control, was a portrait of the iconic Ian Curtis (singer for Joy Division), who died very young. I guess now we’ve confirmed that next year, you have a film that involves James Dean (to be played by Dane DeHaan) in Life. Who also died very young. Is it more difficult to capture an iconic photograph of an individual in life, or to tell their story in death? 
I’m flattered that people think my pictures are iconic. That’s not what I set out to be. A lot of people that I worked with in the 70s and 80s were not very well known people, but they became [well known] later. So I’ve not deliberately sought icons. As far as making films for Ian Curtis and James Dean, that is, of course, is very deliberate. Ian Curtis was someone that I knew and I moved to England to make it because I wanted to make it. It was a personal project. And, also, I thought there was a good love story there (between Sam Riley and Samantha Morton).

With Life it’s first and foremost a story about a photographer, Dennis Stock (Robert Pattinson), who profiled James Dean (DeHaan). So it’s the story of a photographer and their subject. As a photographer that story interested me: studying the power balance between a photographer and their subject. You know, who influences who? The James Dean portion of the story wasn’t my interest. In fact I’d turned down a straight James Dean project once before.

WSJ Like some of his recent films, it’s a very different movie for Pattinson.
The screentime is easily divided between Dane DeHaan and Rob, and they’re very different actors. Rob, I think he’s working to be seen as a proper actor and not as a movie star. He takes a lot of challenging roles, and tries to work with directors that are a bit away from the mainstream. The fact that he maybe wants to prove himself as an actor was very good for the role of Dennis Stock, who wants to prove himself as being a great photographer. Also, for Rob to be on the other end of the camera was quite interesting.

Did you give Pattinson advice on being a photographer?
I got a camera to him quite a few months before we started shooting. An old Leica so he could put film in it and get comfortable with it.


Rob, Guy and David to Attend Apple Store Q&A

Rob, Guy and David Michôd will discuss The Rover at Apple Store 'Meet the Filmmakers' Q&A. You can make a reservation here
Location: Apple Store Regent Street - London
Date: August 7 at 6PM (GMT) 

New Fan Pics of Rob out Bowling with Friends (July 22, 2014)

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Kellan at the EX3 2014 San Diego Comic Con Booth

Kellan's Interviews at 2014 San Diego Comic Con

Rotten Tomatoes

Entertainment Weekly

Kellan Attends 2014 MTVu Fandom Awards (July 24)

Kellan Expected to Attend EX3 German Premiere

Kellan along with other “Expendables 3″ cast members (Sylvester Stallone, Antonio Banderas, Wesley Snipes, Jason Statham) are expected to attend the EX3 Premiere at Residenz Kino in Cologne, Germany on August 6, 2014.

Official German Press Release: 

Für unsere deutschen Leser ist anbei die offizielle Pressemitteilung von Splendid Film und Twentieth Century Fox of Germany:
Köln, Juli 2014: Im Sommer 2014 kehrt Hollywoods größtes Action-Ensemble im dritten Teil der EXPENDABLES-Reihe mit prominenter Verstärkung zurück in die deutschen Kinos!
Am 6. August feiern die hochkarätigen Leinwand-Legenden mit ihrem Action-Spektakel THE EXPENDABLES 3 Premiere in Köln. Neben Expendables-Chef Sylvester Stallone werden die Castmitglieder Antonio Banderas, Jason Statham, Wesley Snipes und Kellan Lutz zur Premiere erwartet.
Barney Ross (Sylvester Stallone) und seine Expendables stehen diesmal vor einem sehr persönlichen Kampf. Gründungsmitglied Conrad Stones (Mel Gibson) ist auf einer tödlichen Mission: Er will die Expendables zerstören. Einst Barneys rechte Hand bei der Gründung der Truppe, hat sich Stonebanks inzwischen zu einem skrupellosen Waffenhändler entwickelt. Barney entscheidet sich, mit jungem Blut und modernen Waffen gegen seinen früheren Freund vorzugehen. Der alles entscheidende Kampf der beiden Kontrahenten wird zu einem Kampf zwischen Jung und Alt, zwischen High-Tech und Old-School…
Neben dem hochkarätigen Cast aus den vergangenen Filmen wie Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Jet Li, Dolph Lundgren und Arnold Schwarzenegger, sind jetzt auch Antonio Banderas, Wesley Snipes, Kellan Lutz sowie Harrison Ford und Mel Gibson in THE EXPENDABLES 3 zu sehen.
Fans werden absolut auf ihre Kosten kommen, weiß Splendid Chef Andreas Klein: “Dass wir diese Jungs in unsere Stadt holen können, ist für mich der Höhepunkt des Jahres. Wer auf Hollywood-Action steht, bekommt ja schon allein bei dem Gedanken eine Gänsehaut! Die beiden letzten EXPENDABLES -Teile sind bei den Fans super angekommen – wir sind uns sicher, dass sie dieser Showdown jetzt mindestens genauso von den Sitzen reißt!”
Splendid Film bringt THE EXPENDABLES 3 am 21. August 2014 im Verleih von 20th Century Fox in die deutschen Kinos.
Source: 20th Century Fox Deutschland via: onlinewatchmovies

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New 'The Expendables 3' Featurette

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'Maps to the Stars' & 'Still Alice' North American Premiere at 2014 TIFF

Maps to the Stars and Still Alice will both have their North American Premiere at this year's Toronto International Film Festival. 

From Variety:

Maps to the Stars David Cronenberg, Canada/Germany North American Premiere David Cronenberg forges both a wicked social satire and a very human ghost story from today’s celebrity-obsessed culture. Starring Julianne Moore, Mia Wasikowska, Olivia Williams, Sarah Gadon, John Cusack and Robert Pattinson.

Still Alice Richard Glatzer and Wash Westmoreland, USA World Premiere Alice Howland, happily married with three grown children, is a renowned linguistics professor who starts to forget words. When she receives a devastating diagnosis, Alice and her family find their bonds tested. Alice’s struggle to stay connected to who she once was is frightening, heartbreaking, and inspiring. Starring Kristen Stewart, Alec Baldwin, Kate Bosworth and Julianne Moore.

New 'The Rover' LA Promo Rob Portrait

Rob at the Benefit Dinner for Academy of Canadian Cinema & Television in Toronto (May 2014)

Update: 2 New/Old Pics of Rob Added 

Win Tickets to the 'Expendables 3' London Premiere

Expendables 3 Facebook has just announced the Expendables 3 London Premiere will be on August 4th! They are also hosting a contest that gives one lucky fan and a guess tickets to the premiere. Opened to UK residents only, to enter head over to this link.

New Colorful EX3 Poster of Kellan