Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Katy Perry Talks About Rob and Kristen with Elle UK

Like her pyrotechnic stage outfits, her humour is saucy and postcard style - all double entendres and faintly inappropriate fart jokes. 'OK, so here's the proof there was never anything going on with me and Robert Pattinson. I fart in front of him. Properly fart. And I never, ever fart in front of a man I am dating. That's a rule.' It's typical Katy - a disarming way to difuse an awkward topic. 'He's my bud. I'm like his big sister. We just hang out. The other day, I said: "One of the things I'm most proud of is not sleeping with you, Robert." And that's true.'

Part of my thinks quiet, English Robert might be a lovely boyfriend for Katy. Yet, it's clear, given her predilection for bad, big-mouthed boys, that he is absolutely not her type.

She also has A-list girlfriend, with whom relations sometimes seem a little strained. Mortified at being painted as the other woman, she made sure Kristen Stewart knew the Robert Pattinson relationship rumors were just that. 'I sent her a text message saying: "I know you've seen all this stuff, but you know I would never disrespect you. I'm not that person. I'm just trying to be a friend to him but it is unfortunate that I do have a set of tits."'


New Pictures of Kellan on the set of 'Hercules The Legend Begins'


Monday, July 29, 2013

New Fan Picture of Rob

Love my LA model family! Hanging with team edward twillight robert pattinson topofthehollywoodhills surpriseparty for our dear Greg Collard! We ❤ U

New Picture of Kellan in Ibiza‬

KellanLutz: I hired this dinosaur to follow me around on vacation for whenever I want to lean on something. #Ibiza

Lily Collins Mentions Kristen

She Looks Up To Jennifer Lawrence and Kristen Stewart 

“I admire how they’ve both handled the fame that came with those roles and their ability to step outside those roles and do other projects. That’s what I want to do: balance fun big movies with gritty passion projects I love.” 

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

New Picture of Kellan

KellanLutz: My best friend and I in the dj booth w/ Calvin Harris at Amenesia! ‪#‎Ibiza‬

New Fan Pics of Rob Leaving Toronto (July 23, 2013)

: You know you're a jet setter when Robert Pattinson is less than 15 ft away from you in the airport lounge!


New Photos of Rob for Dior Homme

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