Friday, March 30, 2012

'Cosmopolis' Official Poster Now Bigger

This poster was previously posted in HQ, but now it's bigger and a little different - "Coming Soon"


Official 'Bel Ami' US Website, Facebook and Old Stills Now in UHQ

Click HERE to visit the Official "Bel Ami' Website.  'Like' the Official US Facebook page HERE.

And thanks to Magnolia Pictures, old stills that was previously posted in HQ is now available in UHQ. 

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Kellan and Sharni at the Opening of Marquee at The Star - March 30, 2012

UPDATE 3/31/12:  Videos of Kellan at the Marquee Opening 

New SWATH BTS Videos

On the Set: Death in the Throne Room

 On the Set: First Battle


Paul Becker Choreographing Jackson & Ashley Greene for Breaking Dawn Part 1


New 'Cosmopolis' Still in HQ

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New/Old Picture of Kristen in 'In The Land of Women'

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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Kristen to Attend the Kids' Choice Awards

E! Online Happy news! We just got word Kristen Stewart will be at the Kids' Choice Awards.

Taylor will also be in attendance.

Be sure to tune into E! this Saturday at 7:00 PM ET/PT to catch Ross Matthews and Kelly Osbourne chat up the stars as they arrive at the Kids' Choice Awards!

Taylor Lautner will also be at the show.

Live Stream for Show here  via @vonch

Jennifer J. Hair Colourist Talks About Kristen's Snow White Hair Color

Kristen Stewart for Snow White and the Huntsman: "When we did Kristen we were just going for black — super-shiny, super-dark black," Jennifer said. "[Snow White and the Huntsman] is really more of a dark film, so it lends to the character." Because Kristen Stewart has lighter hair, Jennifer sent the on-set stylist a care package to refresh the star's colour every two weeks with a quick gloss. "When you have really dark hair and your root is growing out, it looks like your hair is floating or thinning," Jennifer said. "It’s really important to keep up on it."

Offical 'Bel Ami' US Poster in HQ


New Cosmopolis Stills

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Kristen Talks About 'Fifty Shades of Grey' with Entertainment Weekly

Entertainment Weekly Since Fifty Shades began as a Twilight fan fiction you may wonder what Kristen Stewart has to say. "It's so funny - I heard about it yesterday," she says. "Rob [Pattinson] and Wyck [Godfrey], our producer, were talking about it! I've heard it's quite sexy - very titilating."

Will she read it?, "Hell, yeah!"

If you want to read the complete article: 

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Cameron Stewart talks about K-11, his mom (Jules) and Kristen

From People Magazine. Cameron Stewart's Film Debut.

Kristen Stewart's big brother Cameron is making his acting debut in K-11, a prison-drama written and directed by their mom, Jules,58, due out later this year. Cameron, 26, worked as a production grip for five years before moving in front of the camera for his role as Sledgehammer, a neo-Nazi in an LA prison ward. “My mom kind of wrote the part based on me." says Stewart who already had a Mohawk. "Not because I'm a tweaker but because I'm skinny. So I guess she was going for the whole skinny-Mohawk-neo-Nazi thing. Acting in the first project directed by his mother, a long-tme script supervisor, proved to be a bonding experience for the pair. "You have a solid support base when you are at work" he says. "This put us out of our element together. I feel closer with my Mom, a camaraderie. I had a lot of fun doing it." he adds. "And if my sister can do it, then I thought I could do it.”

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Cosmopolis in Best Movie Magazine

Quotes from Rob and David Cronenberg

Fear and delirium in Manhattan.  "I'm scared" confesses Robert Pattinson.

"Fear for an actor is always a good thing. And he's fantastic, sensational, a great performer" responds indirectly David Cronenberg.

"The script is crazy and difficult," the actor continues.

"I felt he was the right person, I had an intuition. I know that for Robert this is a grand leap" echoes the director.

Distance dialogue between student and teacher, for months busy on the set of their first project together, the big screen adaptation of Cosmopolis, the surreal novel by Don DeLillo. "In the year 2000. One day in April" Thus begins the 24-hour-long odyssey of Eric Packer, a 28- year-old multimillionaire who, after leaving home in his white limousine to go to the barber, gets stuck in the traffic in central Manhattan and is involved in a series of events that will jeopardize his safety and his fortune ... It would be impossible to describe in few words the surreal journey the protagonist takes in a limitless Manhattan, a sort of virtual town where the limo floats like in a social network and chats with other "traces" of humanity. Between tasers, pies in the face, the threat of someone wanting to kill him (both a real person and the symbol of a humanity with no future) and the presence of his mysterious partner, ethereal woman, guardian angel, and constantly betrayed wife. After Crash, Cronenberg continues his exploration of the modern metropolitan world, hallucinated and perverse, with a cast which also includes Paul Giamatti, Juliette Binoche and Mathieu Amalric.

A MOVIE NOT TO BE MISSED to observe the modern world through Cronenberg's crazy look. And because it could be Pattinson's professional 'redemption'.


New 'Bel Ami' Stills



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