Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Years Pic from Kellan

KellanLutz: Who wants to join me and my friends here for NYE? Josh certainly looks festive, right? haha. Happy New Years! -K

Saturday, December 28, 2013

New Picture of Jackson

JacksonRathbone: My granddaddy (RIP) gave me this shotgun for my 12th birthday. Thanks granddaddy!

New Picture of Kellan

KellanLutz: So many stray dogs in Sofia. These guys reminded me of Kola and Kevin, and were 2 of the many reasons the cast of The Legend of Hercules and I want to help Animal Rescue Sofia.

Celebuzz Hercules Sweepstakes + New Video of Kellan

Celebuzz If you knew Kellan Lutz was checking out your Instagram, what would you do?

Well, guess what? He is.

In honor of his latest movies The Legend of Hercules hitting theaters on Jan. 10, Kellan and all of us at Celebuzz are hosting a little sweepstakes and giving away $4,000! (Yes. You read that right… FOUR. THOUSAND. BUCK-A-ROOS.) We want to know: Who’s the ‘Hercules’ in YOUR life? 

Here’s how to enter:

  1. Create a video or take a photo on Instagram showing us your “Hercules” hero (You can even hashtag old photos that already on your Instagram account!)
  2. Post the video or photo using the hashtag #HerculesHero (Note: Make sure your account is PUBLIC so we can see it!)
  3. Share your #HerculesHero Instagram photo or video to Twitter (If you have one!)
We’ll be looking over all of them with Kellan and even highlighting some of his favorites throughout the week. The sweeps will end Jan. 7. Make sure to check back on Friday, Jan. 10 to see who’s taking home the $4,000 grand prize!
So what are you waiting for? A hot man with a LOT of money to give away is waiting to see your photos! GET TO IT!

Official Sweepstakes Rules Here

4 New 'The Legend of Hercules' Clips

Kellan's New Interview with OTR - Talks about Fictional Heroes, His Mom and Fans

Kellan Lutz of "Twilight" fame takes on the title godly role in director Renny Harlin's new film "The Legend of Hercules," fulfilling a childhood dream of a little boy who used to live on a farm.

The 28-year-old actor lived in rural areas of North Dakota and Iowa before he moved to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career, later taking on the role of Emmett Cullen in the "Twilight" films. During an interview with OTRC.com, Lutz reminisced about growing up without watching movies. Check out videos above and below and 5 highlights from the interview below.

1. He wanted to BE Hercules as a kid ... and other fictional heroes.

"Renny could've hired a multitude of actors. I think, when sitting down with me, he saw the passion that I had for the Hercules story. Ever since I was a little boy, growing up on the farm, I envisioned myself as Hercules, as Tarzan, as He-Man -- these classic, iconic heroes, because they were the heroes for me."

"I was a middle child, so being at home was very chaotic. Being outside with the animals that I would just play with and build these worlds felt real to me and now that I'm an actor, I get to bring that fantasy world to life on screen and it's very rewarding for me because I never thought I would be able to do that."

2. His mother predicted he would become an actor.

"My mother always knew. I was a good liar, I guess. I'm very honest in real life but I used to play around, I used to put on shows. I just never knew about acting so it was not until I was 18 that I knew about it and she's like, 'I always knew.' She said that. 'I always knew that you would be into this thing that we had no idea what it was about.'"

Friday, December 27, 2013

New Fan Pics of Rob in London

Rob was seen in a pub in London with Nettie Wakefield

image host image host image host
Source: 1-2-3/via

Saturday, December 21, 2013

New Picture of Kellan with FilmInk Movie Magazine

New 'The Legend of Hercules' Posters + New Release Dates

image host image host image host image host 

Release Dates from IMDB:

Hong Kong - 9 January 2014
Singapore - 9 January 2014
USA - 10 January 2014
Greece - 30 January 2014
Hungary - 30 January 2014
Italy - 30 January 2014
Romania - 31 January 2014
Netherlands - 6 February 2014
Australia - 27 February 2014


Kristen Attends Chanel's Métiers d'Art Show in Dallas (December 10, 2013)

Update: New MQ Picture of Kristen Added

'Dior Homme Eau for Men' Coming to Macy's in 2014

Dior Homme Eau for Men Exclusively at Macy's - Coming Soon

Looking for a bold, new fragrance to add to your grooming routine? Our exclusive collection of Dior Homme Eau for Men will feature a unique blend of spicy and woody notes sure to leave a lasting impression. Check back soon for this luxurious scent from Dior Homme for me&mash; coming to Macy's in January!

Dior Homme Cologne Print Ad in HQ + Old Pics in UHQ/HQ

image host image host image host 

New Picture of Kristen

Thursday, December 19, 2013

New 'The Expendables 3' Teaser Trailer + BTS Pic


kellanlutz #TBT Best photo ever. Me, my dad and #SlyStallone on the #EX3 set. My dad is a huge fan of #Sly. Who isn't?! #ThrowbackThursday #Expendables3