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Digital Scans of Jackson in Ouch! Magazine (December 2012)

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The Lone Star - Jackson Rathbone

So Jackson I noticed on set that you wear a ring and charms around your neck is there some special meaning for them?

Good luck from well wishers and bringers of smiles, fans and family members and stuff I find on the ground. I only wear gifts.

You seem to very outgoing, do you every get shy? How can someone over come this to purse acting or become a musician?

I am extremely shy in settings where I don't have a specific purpose. Being an entertainer lets me overcome that and express my passion for the arts. I love making people happy, that's why record label is called Happy Jack Music. (first album coming out is Bleeding Horse Express "Going South" - comes out July 15th!)

The Twilight Saga, has to be the past years most loved movies by all ages. Can you let us know how it feels to go on tour with such beloved cast.

I don't tour with the cast...You confused me. I tour with the beloved band called 100 Monkeys.

Ashley Greene? Any comments on all the post about you and her being more than friends?

Nope. I do have a personal life that I like to keep personal. [Smiles]

What process did you have to go through to get your roles as a Cullen?

Long audition process. Several meetings and I flew with Catherine Hardwicke to meet Kristen Stewart for the role of Bella. I read for Edward for her to help out. I really got along with Catherine and knew from the moment I met Kristen that she would be an amazing Bella.

When you were younger did you have a fascination with vampires, werewolves or anything like that? Who were you hero's growing up?

Zombies! I used to hide the George A Romero box set under my bed as a kid, because my parents were extremely conservative. My folks are my heros. My mother is an amazing example of a beautiful, strong, and kind women. My father is an honest, hard-working, and all around class act. I'm a lucky kid.

We know you admire Clint Eastwood. What director or movies are your favorites?

All Clint Eastwood movies are my favorites, however I do firmly believe any aspiring filmmakers should be required to watch "The Five Obstructions" by Lars Von Trier and Jorgen Leth.

Breaking Dawn premieres in November 11, 2011. Can you give us any leeks on how this movie differs to the other ones? How many Twilight Saga will there be in the future?
Honestly, I'm not allowed to say much....BUT the fans will definitely be satisfied.

Any personal or professional projects your working on as far as acting goes? I know that your a member of 100 Monkeys your a very very busy man.

 Currently I'm on tour with 100 Monkeys with our new album Liquid Zoo, setting up our joint record label "Awesome Sauce Records" as well as my own personal label "Happy Jack Music".

July brings forth the theatrical release of the movie GIRLFRIEND which I produced, acted and scored the film. August brings the release of the web-series "Aim High" which I starred in and produced alongside of McG and Warner Bros. I also just wrapped filming two movies, Cowgirls and Angels, where I play a supporting role as a cowboy...and the movie Live At The Foxes Den, where I star as a singer. Also, currently in negotiations to produce more films with my film company, PatchMo Entertainment. Yee haw! my down time I take pretty girls to dinner.... ;)

Would this be your first cover? I like to thank you so much for taking time out of your hectic life to sit down with Ouch Magazine. Please any last comments for fans?

I've done a couple of others. I don't keep track of that stuff, but thanks to ya'll for being you and doing what you do. All my love and respect to my fans, without them, I would be one lonely entertainer. Thanks ya'll!

Transcript Done by Us / Scans: Thanks to JRathboneOnline

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