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Rob at the Arbitrage Luncheon in LA (November 30, 2012)

Rob, Kristen and Taylor's Interview with Patrick Stoner from the LA BD2 Press Junket

New HQ Pics from the BD2 Berlin Premiere

New 'Breaking Dawn: Part 2' Still

'Breaking Dawn: Part 2' International Promo Guide

More Fan Pics of Rob and Kristen from the BD2 Berlin Press Conference and Premiere

New 'Breaking Dawn: Part 2' Stills + Old Stills in Better Quality

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TV Guide's “The Twilight Saga: Forever” Special

Kristen's Balenciaga Photoshoot Outtakes Now in Better Quality

Jackson's Interview with Celebuzz from the LA BD2 Premiere

2 New HQ Pics of Kristen from the BD2 Berlin Premiere 

Rob and Kristen's Interview with Pro7 from the Berlin BD2 Premiere

Rob's Interview from the Premiere is new. His Pro7 Press Junket Interview was posted here
New small bit of Kristen's Interview from the premiere at 1:28 and 1:45

(Click on the Screencap to Watch)

Chris Hemsworth Talks about Kristen

Chris Hemsworth claims Kristen Stewart experiences a “different sort of fame” because Twilight has “hysterical” fans.

The Australian hunk appeared alongside the actress in Snow White and the Huntsman. Chris feels relieved that despite appearing in hit movies such as Thor and Avengers Assemble, he can still maintain some normality in his life. The star has sympathy for Kristen, who hits headlines all over the world for both her career and private life.

“I think it’s a different sort of fame. With the utmost respect, Twilight’s certainly a teen audience… Sort of hysterical kind of fanbase, you know? Whereas Avengers is across all ages and people just love the films – and it’s a little different from what she experiences,” he told the latest edition of British magazine Empire. “I am, in my everyday life, most of the time, not looking like Thor. Whereas the character she played in Twilight and her walking down the street, they’re pretty similar – they’re both human and relatable.

“I think for that reason, it’s when the character is even more relatable and closer to who you are in your everyday life, the line gets blurred. The Avengers was a different thing and we certainly didn’t have hundreds of people outside our hotels like they do.”


It Starts with Me: Kellan Lutz

Each celebrity recorded their own video as part of a YouTube series called “It Starts with Me” developed by ONE to celebrate World AIDS Day on December 1.

“I’m in it to end it,” said Kellan in his pledge.

As part of ONE’s campaign, an anti-poverty group created by Bono, people across the world will have the chance to share their effort to fight AIDS. Also, viewers will have an opportunity to sign a petition to support programs to fight the disease.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Video of Rob and his sister at the BD2 London Premiere

Kristen at the Variety Awards Studio (November 28, 2012)

Kristen's Micro-Cameo in 'K-11' + Jules Stewart's Interview

Kristen's Micro-Cameo in 'K-11' at 5:01

Jackson to Play Solo Set at Bootleg Theater on 12/5

It has been confirmed that Jackson will play a solo set before Nikki Reed and Paul McDonald.

Where: Bootleg Theater
When: December 5, 2012
Time: Jackson's solo set will be at 7pm. Nikki and Paul's set will be at 8pm.

You can purchase tickets here.


Kristen's 'On the Road' Interview with Gold Derby

"It's a rough road. It's a fun road," Kristen Stewart says about the adventure to be found in her new film "On the Road," Walter Salles' adaption of Jack Kerouac's novel of bohemian drifters in post-war America. "There's a serious duality to it." Addressing her "Twilight Saga" fans in our podcast chat, she acknowledges that this edgy art-house role is new territory for her as an actress, "but, if you want to take a ride, please come along."

In "On the Road," Stewart portrays Marylou, the sultry jailbait lover of a hedonist who's always on the run. It's unclear where they're going or what they're running from – but that doesn't matter because these are free-spirited teens consumed with blind wanderlust.

"She's searching for that special little something that nobody can really put their finger on," Stewart says about Marylou. "The search never ends and that's perfectly OK with her …. She loves that life. She doesn't want to stop it. She wants it to thrive and she wants to watch what happens."

En route, there are lots of drugs, drinks and naked romps, but Stewart fearlessly surrendered to the creative requirements of the role. "I think there are times when people are far more naked than when they have their clothes on," she says. "The story is about breaking those walls down."

Having succeeded spectacularly in commercial films, Stewart now needs to break through the wall into artsy films if she aims to have a long, satisfying career. Stars like Anne Hathaway and Charlize Theron are proof that the transition can be made by taking an artsy path. It's important to be part of the awards conversation, so Stewart does just that by chatting with Gold Derby. 

Jeff Imada, BD2 Stunt Coordinator, Talks about Kristen

To prep for the final film, in which Kristen Stewart's character, Bella, transforms into a vampire, stunt coordinator Jeff Imada tells Us the actress "did drills, like martial-arts stick training. We'd do three hours of choreography on Saturdays, Kristen's day off. She's a pretty physical girl!" Even when Stewart broke her thumb, "she toughed it out," adds Imada. "She said, 'Keep going!'


David Cronenberg Mentions Rob in Total Film

Were you happy with how Cosmopolis was received?
No, I would've liked it to have made half a billion dollars at the box office! [laughs] The movie was received like an art film, which is to say it did OK in the big cities. Naturally you always want the biggest audience you can get, just as long as it doesn't cause you to compromise your moviemaking.

Why did you cast Robert Pattinson as limo-riding antihero Eric Packer?
Eric is in absolutely every scene, so you need an actor who is interesting and charismatic enough to look at for the entire movie. You want someone who can really come up with surprises and angles, and has a level of stardom that will support the movie. He also had to do a credible New York accent. All of that led me to Rob.

Rob and Kristen's Interview with Ticket (El Salvador) from the LA BD2 Press Junket

Update: Added Rob's Interview

OTR Still Now Untagged and in Better Quality

Marie-Ginette Guay Talks About Kristen

Marie-Ginette Guay plays Sal's mother in 'On the Road'


"She is a person like everyone else. She is very sensitive. I thought she was very good and it was nice to be with her ​​on the set."

Radio Canada:

"She was perfect, she is a very sensitive young woman, who knew well the work of Jack Kerouac, and then, who knew well this role of Marylou. She was very, very involved in this adventure."


Kristen to Attend 'On the Road' LA Screening and Q&A on December 5th

Landmark Theater
10850 W. Pico Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90064

Date & Time:
Wednesday, December 5, 2012 @ 7:30PM

Young writer Sal Paradise has his life shaken by the arrival of free-spirited Dean Moriarty and his girl, Marylou. As they travel across the country, they encounter a mix of people who each impact their journey indelibly.

Q & A Panel:
Director Walter Salles, Actor Garrett Hedlund & Actress Kristen Stewart


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New 'On the Road' Still

Rob, Kristen and Taylor's Alicia Malone Interview from the LA BD2 Press Junket

Update: More from Rob, Kristen and Jackson's Interview

New 'Breaking Dawn: Part 2' Stills + Old Stills Now in Better Quality

Holliday Grainger Talks About Rob

Fassbender, Law, Irvine. It almost seems unfair that Holliday has Robert Pattinson on her co-star list, too. She starred with him in 2007’s TV drama, The Bad Mother’s Handbook when she was 18, and in last year’s Bel Ami. ‘He’s really easy going,’ she says of the Twilight heartthrob. ‘And open – amazingly so considering he’s so closely scrutinised. He’s still managed to maintain a sense of self. [On Bel Ami] you couldn’t get to set half the time because there were so many screaming girls. Even at 5am. It was mad. He had to change hotels because there were so many fans outside one he couldn’t get in. I’ve watched him live with that and it would send me insane. There’s no way could I cope with that.’


Monday, November 26, 2012

Kellan to Star in ‘Tatua’

From Deadline:
Now that the Twilight Saga series is over, the fittest vampire in the pack, Kellan Lutz, has found a new potential franchise to sink his teeth into. Lutz has signed to star in the indie genre film Tatua. Based on an original concept by comic book creators Paul Jenkins and Rob Prior, Tatua is about a man with a rare blood type that allows him to be tattooed with a powerful ink. He is able to pull those weapons straight off his skin, giving him an enviable leg up as a covert assassin. Aaron Sims, the vfx wiz who helmed the viral sensation short Archetype, is set to make his directing debut on the film, says Rick Schwartz, whose Overnight Productions has lined up the financing for a March production start in Toronto.

Paul Layden wrote the script, and Schwartz will produce with Todd Breau and Kari Hollend. Schwartz’s producing credits include the upcoming Machete Kills, Black Swan, The Departed and The Others.
Schwartz tells me he wanted to find a genre film that was less expensive than a superhero film, and in the vein of contained budget films like Resident Evil and Underworld. The concept certainly is unusual, as the tattooed weapons are culled from the combination of the ink, the character’s blood and adrenaline. They must be used quickly or they begin to dissolve, and the whole process takes a toll on the body of the assassin. All this becomes an afterthought when the assassin’s son is kidnapped by one of his most notoriously violent targets. The film will bear a budget around $15 million and all distribution rights are available.

“Kellan was in the foreground and the background of the Twilight Saga films, but he is a formidable physical presence and this is an opportunity for him to step up,” Schwartz said. Also helpful is that Lutz looks good without a shirt, which will be part of the bargain as he strips tattoos off his body to create mayhem. Tatua at its heart is a cool, visually arresting origin story.” Lutz is repped by Innovative and Zero Gravity Management. Sims, who has done character design and concept art for films including Twilight Saga, is repped by Paradigm and Artists and Directors Cooperative.

Rob's Interview with Pro7 from the Berlin BD2 Press Junket

James Gandolfini on Kristen in 'On the Road'

"The only people for me are the mad ones." -- Jack Kerouac

Kristen Stewart is one of the mad ones. But mad in a beautiful way. And she is determined to make people mad. To show them she is more than Bella in "Twilight." To show them she does burn, and smolder, and wants more out of her career and life. And smolder she does.

As soon as she steps into the movie "On the Road," you can't take your eyes off her. As Marylou, whenever she fixes her gaze, you see someone who will go as far as she can, and do it as mad as she can, to live and feel alive. And it is sexy and scary and reckless and smart. She can play all of these things. She has them at her fingertips. She is just beginning. She is fearless. And that can be that good, and that can be very bad. But she is smart enough to handle it.

Stick around my friends, and there will be much, much more to come. Thinking about it, I am smiling already.


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Rob's Interview with Daybreak from the BD2 London Press Junket

Update: Added More of Rob's Interview

Jackson's Interview with The Daily (Nov. 20, 2012)
Sources: 1 - 2 - 3 - Interview

Kellan's Interview with Hollywood TV from the BD2 NYC Premiere

Bill Condon's Letter to Twilight Fans

From The Twilight Saga FB:
Greetings to our global Twihard family,

On the flight now from Madrid to Berlin, I wanted to check in one last time, as you're finally getting a look at what we've all been working on so intensely.  It's hard to believe that after our Berlin premiere tonight, my TWILIGHT journey will finally come to a close.  It's been almost three years since I first wrote to you.  I'm very proud of what we've created together since then, and I hope that PART II fulfills your expectations for the grand finale to Stephenie's sprawling saga. Fingers crossed that you've also managed to stay at least mostly spoiler-free, in order to enjoy the twists and parting gifts we have in store for you...

Thank you again for making me feel like a member of your fandom family online...for sleeping in The Line in San Diego in order to laugh with us in Hall H...for traveling great distances to join us in L.A. for last year's Tent City and this year's Fan Camp.  Above all, thank you for trusting me with this universe you care so deeply about - we tried to match your intensity in our attention to every detail.  That said, I don't think I'll ever live down the shame of being spied on by Twihard covens around the world on our very first night of shooting in Rio.  Thanks to photos shot and instantly posted online of Bella and Edward on their honeymoon, we were called out in real time for missing a certain engagement ring...  (Sorry -- again!)

As with you all, what I'll take with me from my time in Forks are so many great friendships - our massive cast of talented actors, and new creative partners such as Melissa Rosenberg, Guillermo Navarro and Phil Tippett.  I hope to know them all for years and to work with them again soon, making movies yet to be dreamed up.  At the L.A. premiere Monday night, Phil said we should make a "bloody, giant monster movie."  But is there room for a musical number?

See you at the theatre.


New HQ BD2 and OTR Press Conference Portraits

Rob's Interview with ATV from the BD2 Berlin Premiere/Press Junket

At 3:03 is Part of Kristen's Interview with ATV from the Premiere

Kellan at The Arizona Cardinals Football Game

@KellanLutz: Lets go @AZcardinals! Huge thanks to Ron, Margaret, the AZ Cardinals, & the @NFL for having my family and I! We love our Family Football Time

New/Old Pic of Rob from Barnes Theater Group

New/Old Pic of Rob from Movie Star Magazine (Japan)

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Kristen on Conan (November 14, 2012)

Update: Backstage Pic Now Uncropped

Kellan on Conan (November 15, 2012)

Update: Added Pic of Kellan Backstage 

New 'Breaking Dawn: Part 2' Stills

New Pics of Jackson and Kellan with Gil Birmingham from the LA BD2 Premiere After Party 

Kellan Celebrating His Brother's Birthday

@KellanLutz: Got to love Family Time! Happy birthday @brandonjlutz! Love ya bro

Kristen's Interview with Télé Star (France)

This is Accompanied by Robert Pattinson, 26, that Kristen Stewart, 22 gave in Los Angeles, the last interviews which put an end to the Twilight Worldwide Promo. Meeting.

TS: Bella is finally a vampire. Did you like theMetamorphosis you like it?

KS: Absolutely. First because I had to do more stunts. And also because Bella becomes the strongest vampire of all. She always had a lot of confidence but here, no one doubt it!

Do you feel you have said goodbye to Bella now that filming is completed?

KS: This experiment, which represents five years of my life will remain engraved in me.

If you had to choose one moment from all these shootings, what would it be?

KS: The wedding. First, because this is the last scene we shot and especially because we have waited for years, for this marriage! I felt so light. It was truly memorable.

What are your plans? Do you have a clear plan for success after Twilight?

KS: No, I'll be guided by my instincts.

Your name was in all the magazines this summer, because of your love ... Hard to live?

KS: If I consider the opinion of others, respect for privacy, it can be very destructive. I decided not to pay attention.

Do you feel you have lost your freedom by becoming so famous?

KS: It is unsettling, yes. But I feel more comfortable today than five years ago. And thanks to Twilight, I have a link with milions of people around the world. And this is unique!


'Breaking Dawn: Part 2' Berlin Press Conference (November 16, 2012)

Update: Added More Pics at the bottom

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